The Ingredients Of A Great Cover Letter

That Demands Getting Read

You may have the best resume and the right qualifications and experience for the job but if your cover letter fails to grab your employer’s attention immediately then you can kiss that job goodbye.
Crafting a great cover letter is easier than you think, by following a few simple tips you’ll be well on your way to getting the job of your dreams.
Personalize the cover letter- It’s important you know who will be interviewing you. This can easily be determined by doing a little research allowing you to personalize your cover letter to them. This will make your cover letter stand out among the others and give you the competitive edge.
Concise and informative- Say whatever you need to within the first few sentences of the cover letter. You should mention what position you are applying for and why you are keen to apply for the job, also include what makes you a good fit for the job. This shouldn’t exceed 3-4 lines at the most. Next, close your cover letter by expressing your interest in an interview and that you look forward to hearing from them.
Get their attention – In the third paragraph you can detail an accomplishment and write three to four sentences to drive home the point. You must keep in mind that each paragraph would have to be short and give relevant information.
Company information – The cover letter gives you a good opportunity to show that you know something about the company. Do your research and include a few details about the company in your cover letter. This shows that you are acquainted with the core values of the organization.
Avoid mistakes – There are also a few things that you would have to avoid while writing your cover letter. Many people take the easy road and just re-write their resumes as their cover letter. This is not only wrong but also shows lack of imagination on the applicant’s part. Also, it is important you ensure your grammar and punctuation are correct. Proofread your letter to see that everything is perfect.
Another of the mistakes that applicants make is to write a long cover. There are thousands of other cover letters employers are combing through on a daily basis, don’t make the fatal error of blending in with everyone else’s otherwise you can forget your resume ever getting read. In short, keep your cover letter brief and to the point.
Contact information – Be sure to mention your contact information on the cover letter. Sounds simple enough but is occasionally overlooked, if you don’t add your contact details, employers can’t get in touch with you leaving you bewildered wondering why you never get a call back.
With these tips you can make a good cover letter and get it noticed by all the right people. When you keep these points in mind you have a greater chance of getting called for the interview.
Consider your cover letter as your very first step to a great job.



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