Write The Perfect Cover Letter


Many people are unaware that it is the perfect cover letter that secures job interviews and not resumes. With a well drafted cover letter you have more chances of landing that dream job than you do by just relying solely on your resume. All job cover letters should be drafted in business letter format and with three to four brief paragraphs.
The first few lines will contain the purpose of the cover letter. The second paragraph would state your skills and experience for the job and the final paragraph will contain a request for being considered for an interview.
Most of the companies gauge an applicant’s interest for the job though the cover letter. A well drafted and lively cover letter would stand out and get noticed in a crowd. It can reveal a part of your personality that you might not be able to detail in the resume. It can highlight your eagerness and enthusiasm for the job.
A perfect cover letter needs to be concise and the applicant should avoid redundancy. One single page with short paragraphs should do for a cover letter. It should be sent to a specific person and with some research or a call you can know to whom the letter should be addressed. It is best not to send a generic letter to all the employers. The cover letter must be tailor made for a specific job. Also, take care not to use an unusual letter format. It is best to use a formal format and easy-to-read font and character size.
A cover letter is the right place to showcase your interest in the company. You can convey your knowledge about the company and present yourself accordingly. It’s to your advantage to research the company’s website and update yourself about the recent happenings in the company. You can obtain more information about the position that you would like to apply for. In the cover letter be sure to mention how your skills can contribute to the growth of the company. Also, do not forget to attach an email address and a phone number where the employers can reach you.
It is important that you be original in your writing of the perfect cover letter. Your cover letter must be free of grammatical errors, which if overlooked could show your letter and you in a poor light. Stay away from cliché statements. Employers scrutinize the cover letters to gauge the writing skills of applicants, which is a reflection of you. It is vital that everything be correct: punctuation, spelling, grammar and free from typographical errors. It is best to use simple sentence structure. Proofread your letter thoroughly before you send it to the employer.
Every month employers reads thousands of cover letters. It is therefore of paramount importance that you take good care to ensure that your letter reads clear and correct and impresses the reader. By applying these techniques you are on your way to writing the perfect cover letter that would secure you the job you have always wanted.



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